Denis Thorpe

Last night at my local photography club ( we had Denis Thorpe as a guest speaker.

Denis was a photographer with the Guardian newspaper in the UK and covered many of the UK's most historical moments. A quiet man who's images speak for themselves. Nearly all Black & White they simply blow you away. What was most striking was that they are not just paper "snaps" they each tell a story in their own right and stand up as artistic images in their own right.

A picture of an impromptu football match between the Police and Striking Miners in Yorkshire was excellent and really did mirror the Christmas Day armistace in World War One.

I especially liked his images taken in the home of LS Lowrey (the "matchstick men" painter) in Salford, the day after Lowrey had died and before it was cleaned out by Securicor. He had to stop them removing things so he could get into the house to record it for prosperity.

You can see some of his images here.

I was already starting to have a leaning to Black & White, and after last night I think it will be something I do a lot more of.